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Explore Your Options with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago, IL

When you have excessive debts or your income doesn’t qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, consider speaking with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, IL. Kreisler Law’s experienced attorneys will meet with you individually and assess your financial situation. We will help you understand your options and determine which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code best fits your needs.

Non-Dischargeable Debts Under Chapter 13

Our qualified team will help you reorganize your debt into a manageable debt repayment. Within three to five years, you can repay 10-100% of what you owe. The percentage will depend on your income and the nature of your debt.

Meet with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, IL to find out what discharged debts you qualify for. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy code allows you to discharge more than Chapter 7. A dischargeable debt clears you of paying debts to creditors. This includes debts like credit card debts. Nonetheless, Chapter 13 does not discharge the following:

  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Criminal fines
  • Drunk driving judgments
  • Old taxes for which no return was filed
  • Student loans

Along with discharging more debts, Chapter 13 also cures defaults on certain loans, including home loans. With the help of our bankruptcy law firm, you can free yourself from debt and start anew.

Visit Us for a Quality Bankruptcy Attorney

To qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact us for a free financial review. Our attorneys will help you determine if it is the best solution for your needs. As your advocates, we will walk you through the process and make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision. We have been designated a “Debt Relief Agency” by the United States’ Congress. We’re familiar with all applicable federal and local regulations and will help you or your business successfully navigate the ins and outs of bankruptcy laws.

Call us now to regain control of your financial situation. You can reach us at 773.394.6400.

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