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Straight Talk about Consumer Bankruptcy from Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago, IL

Do You Avoid Answering Your Phone?

Many people who are in serious financial trouble experience a feeling of dread every time the telephone rings. After all, it is likely just another collection agency calling to attempt to coerce you into paying a debt that you cannot afford to pay. Often the debt collectors will try and make you feel guilty and ashamed because you are unable to pay a debt.

Debt collectors also often make threats and use demeaning, sometimes profane, language. Upon filing for protection under the United States’ Bankruptcy Code, these calls must immediately stop. Finally, you don’t have to screen your calls and can answer the phone without worrying about who is on the other end of the line. Contact us to speak to a Chicago bankruptcy attorney to get the bankruptcy information you need.

Have You Stopped Opening Your Mail?

You recognize the addresses—they are creditors and debt collectors sending you yet another threatening letter concerning bills that you simply cannot pay. So, why even open them? Many of our bankruptcy clients bring in stacks of unopened mail from creditors when they meet with their bankruptcy attorney. The persistent letters cause a huge amount of stress but the letters, much like the telephone calls, will stop once we make your consumer bankruptcy filing.

Are You Facing the Foreclosure of Your Home?

Has the sheriff’s office served you with a summons for court? Filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 13 of the Code stops the foreclosure process in its tracks. Our bankruptcy lawyer can assist you with formulating a long-term payment plan to use the bankruptcy process to cure any arrearage and save your home and other precious assets.

Do Any of Your Creditors Have Judgments Against You?

Once your creditors start filing lawsuits against you, the damage they can cause is significant. Once a judgment is obtained by a creditor, they can garnish your wages, seize your property, and freeze your bank accounts. The results can be devastating—embarrassment at work, bounced checks, stress…the list goes on and on. Filing for bankruptcy protection stops all of this immediately.

Are You Paying On Credit Card Balances that Never Seem to Get Any Smaller?

Revolving accounts with high interest rates are a huge problem for consumers. Mandatory minimum payments have in some cases more than doubled making it difficult for consumers to meet their obligations. Despite the higher monthly payments, most credit card balances will take from 10-15 years to pay off. And that is if you make the minimum payments on time every month and never use the card again. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney now. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can wipe out credit card debt and give you the fresh start you deserve.

Have You Taken Out a Payday Loan in the Last Year?

Have you been charged bank fees for insufficient funds more than once in the last six months? Have you been charged a late fee on any of your accounts in the last six months? These are all common warning signs that you are in serious financial trouble. Once these things occur, your already bad financial situation gets progressively worse very quickly. If any of these apply to you, please contact Kreisler Law for a free financial consultation with one of our experienced Chicago bankruptcy attorneys.

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