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What to Expect When Filing for Bankruptcy

Considering whether to file for bankruptcy is certainly one of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life and consulting an attorney for the first time only adds to an already difficult situation. For some of the questions to consider in making your decision, consult our Straight Talk page. We understand what you are going through and they will do all they can to make things easier and to offer the compassion and respect which each of our clients can always expect.

Your First Meeting with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago, IL

At your first meeting, you will meet with Melanie Pennycuff who will handle your bankruptcy case from start to finish and will go over your assets and liabilities and discuss solutions to the problems you are facing. You will be given your options and extensive bankruptcy information, and every bankruptcy question that you have will be answered completely. You may expect Melanie a caring and understanding listener who will make achieving the result that best serves your interests the focus of the discussion. Fees, costs, benefits, and consequences of filing for consumer bankruptcy will be fully laid out for you.

The Remainder of the Case

Each Bankruptcy case is different, which is one of the reasons it is best to have your case handled by an experienced, attentive and through bankruptcy attorney. However, in most cases, after the first meeting of creditors, your bankruptcy case will then proceed either to an Order of Discharge or to confirmation of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. Your bankruptcy attorney will work with you on any issues that may arise and prepare you for your new and better post-bankruptcy life.

First Meeting of Creditors

In most cases the First Meeting of Creditors is the only hearing you will be required to attend during your bankruptcy case. After being prepared by Melanie Pennycuff in advance, you will meet in downtown Chicago with your attorney and a Trustee appointed by the Bankruptcy Court. Though very rare, in some cases a representative from the United States Trustee and representatives of some of your creditors may attend. You will then, with Melanie’s personal support and counsel, answer the questions that are asked. The First Meeting of Creditors is usually quite brief and unless surprises occur because of things that you forgot or omitted to tell your bankruptcy attorney, you will have been fully briefed in advance as to the questions and issues that will be raised.

For more information about bankruptcy from impartial government sources, click on Bankruptcy Information. You will be given bankruptcy information from government sponsored websites which will give you unbiased free information and answers to questions about consumer bankruptcy law and bankruptcy practice.

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